Designing to Resolve Challenges

Church of The Resurrection Cupola PlacementWhen adding to the Church of the Resurrection in Wausau, a landmark building, there were many architectural design issues to consider. Such is the case in the family center addition to the church. The addition will be over 6,800 square feet and will include a drive-under canopy for use during inclement weather.

The center is being designed by Ellis architect Jay Johnson, who shared some of the design challenges for the project.

One of the project challenges is that the new building will be built between the church and the rectory that sit at different elevations. The church was built in 1912 and the rectory in 1949.

Creating a complementary façade that ties the two existing and the new buildings together is another challenge. Due to the different time periods that the church and rectory were built they are very different architecturally.

Creating a bright and airy facility enhancing the social opportunities that will take place in the building. Because the center is sitting between two buildings made it impossible to put in traditional windows; designing an octagon shaped cupola met this need and desire. The cupola continues the same design scheme that is found in the church, further blending the old and new buildings.

The time spent working with an experienced architect makes such a difference in a project. Taking the time to analyze needs, desires, and budget constraints is what Ellis architects do to ensure our clients have a functional and beautiful facility.

Jay Johnson award-winning architect for The Church of the Resurrection Family Center addition.