3 Most Popular Questions from Owners

There are three main types of questions I receive from business owners when they are starting a new or remodel project – cost, time, and interruption.

Cost. The cost of a project has many variables – type of structure, HVAC system, and finishes are just a few. The type of building is determined based on the architect’s and owner’s review of the use of the building, regulations regarding the owner’s industry, desired appearance, and the owner’s budget. The type of HVAC system and controls is a cost that is a major expense when building new or remodeling. Finishes include painting/wall coverings, flooring, and ceilings but may also include specialized construction techniques and systems based on the use of the building.

Time. The type of building, season, availability of materials and workers, all are determining factors in the time it takes to complete a building. Additional factors include the required phasing of the work and any changes required by the owner after construction begins. The project schedule estimates the time to complete each step in the construction process – from the earthwork and installation of utilities to foundation work and building erection, thru mechanical systems installation to the finishes and installation of fixtures. Scheduling includes regular meetings with the owner, architect, and subcontractors to review the progress of the construction, status of items that require a long time to be on site, and upcoming work.

Interruption. Interruption to an owner’s business is a great concern when the project is a remodel or addition. By coordinating the construction work around the owner’s business schedule, using experienced crews, and close supervision of the schedule, we can complete the project with no, or as little interruption as possible. Other issues that we work closely with the owner on are:

  • safety for employees, clients, and visitors
  • parking
  • construction equipment traffic
  • construction materials staging

Every construction project is as unique as the owner’s vision for their company. Accomplishing the owner’s vision for their project within their budget and timeframe is our primary concern. Employing our experience to bid the project correctly, specialized software to aid in scheduling and project management and utilizing our JobFlex philosophy to provide work crews that are trained in several areas to keep a project moving are ways we work to fulfill the owner’s vision.

Jim Anderson, President, has worked with many owners to achieve their goals.