Workforce Development Strategy

IMG_0027All topics in construction these days, fall back to one overarching unique similarity: workforce. Everywhere we see concern for the future of construction workforce. There is a shortage of people working in construction now. Over the next ten years, the number of construction workers that will retire is much larger than the number of people going into the trades. But what to do about the problem?

Ellis is proactively going out to the future workers, students in school, to inform them about the positives of working in construction. These benefits include good pay, working as part of a team, and the pride that comes from being able to point to a facility and say, “I built that” even years later.

In the twelve high schools, Ellis has visited the response has been very favorable with students asking questions and seeking additional information about apprenticeship programs. Last year after visiting a local high school in the spring, Ellis had six students apply to be summer workers. Since then, two of these students have entered the carpenter apprenticeship program, and two more came back to work during their Christmas holiday.

Getting the word out about making construction a career choice starts early. Ellis has a program to go into not only colleges, technical schools, and high schools but to visit with junior high and elementary students. Planting the seeds with these students is one way Ellis is trying to help resolve the workforce problems.

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